Golf Strength Routine 4
Created by Shawn Dailey DPT

Day 1 Functional Golf Strength
Day 2 Cardio/ Interval Training, Static Stretch, foam roll
Day 3 Functional Golf Strength
Day 4 Cardio, foam roll (bike/elliptical/stair mill or run) x 45 min
Day 5 Functional Golf Strength
Day 6 Metabolic Conditioning Day
Day 7 Off

*Do Golf Dynamic warm-up prior to all practices:

Dynamic Warm up:
Knee/ankle grab,
two hand toe touch,
lunch reach,
lunge side-bend,
Over/under hurdle,
lunge pull arm across body,
Lunge and point to sky,
backward skips,
heel walks with arm swings

Functional Golf Strength (Day 1, 3 and 5):

Functional Golf Strength Exercises (do all as fast as possible in control):
Squat – Push press: x 20
Alternating Row: x 20 (3 positions) / Alternating Punch: x 20 (3 positions)
Single leg, 2-arm twist in Golf Posture: x 10 each direction/each leg (3 positions)
Single leg dead lift with theraball or band over head: x 15-20 each
Push Ups x 20
Lunge and Twist x 15 each direction ( waist and shoulder height)
Curls with bands X 8
Around the World- Med ball circles on rocker board: (with a golf ball)
2-legs, around waist x 10 each direction (5-iron posture)
1-leg, around knees x 10 each direction (5 IP)
1-legs, around waist x 10 each direction (5IP)
*progress to eyes closed when easy
Split squat Hops/ Jumps: x 20
Kneeling lat pull down: x 20
Single leg hip rotations: x 10-20 each leg (your favorite )
Band Exercises: with instant replay band
Lateral Hops x 20 each direction
Single leg hip twist on one leg standing upright x 20 each direction/each leg
Single leg hip twist on two legs in 5-iron posture x 20 each direction
Lateral “V” hops x 10 each direction

Core: Thera ball
Push Ups: x 20
On back, marching (extend on leg at a time) x 20-30
Bridge with feet on ball x 20
Mt Climbers with elbows on ball x 20
Back on ball and torso twist x 20 each direction
Balance on hands/knees raise one arm x 10
Rope climb (on back) x 40
Plank with hip twist x 20-40
Dynamic stretch again
Foam Roll
Static Stretching (every day): Hip flexors!!, calf mm’s, chest/shoulders, traps, BACK!!!!

Metabolic Conditioning workout (Day 6):
Multi-plainer lunges (3-directions perfect form) x 5
Alternating rows x50 as fast as possible
Body squats x 20 fast as possible
Thorax rotations in split squat stance x 20 (perfect form)
Split squat shuffles x 2 minute
Repeat 2-4 sets

Key points:
Maintain good posture with ALL exercises!!!
SET your core!
Don’t stop doing the little things like foam rolling and static stretching
Eat PLENTY of Protein!!!
If you want to succeed in golf you need to do this!