A shot by shot walking tour of CECC

Recently, I received an on-course camera to test out called a Swingshot and I was thinking of different ways to utilize the device and a shot by shot walking tour of Columbia Edgewater Country Club seemed like a grand idea.  It was just over freezing temperatures today and there was nobody on the course so it was easy to talk to the camera along the way without bothering anyone.  I had a lot of fun shooting the round and while watching it afterwords I discovered a few swing aspects that I need to work on.  What does everyone think about my game?  The course? The weather?  Despite the fact that today was quite possible the worst weather day of the year (high of 34 degrees with freezing rain and frozen greens) the course was still in awesome shape.  I need to give a shout out to Gordon and the whole greens crew for keeping CECC in great shape through the Portland winter.

The plan is to do more of these to show off some of the better courses around town/state/country/world.  I started with the front of CECC and will do the back one day soon.  Let me know if there are any suggestions for making these better.

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