An eBook collection of the blog to date

This has been an undeniably long and rich journey to date and there are a few people who have followed along since the beginning (I love and appreciate the committed readers!), but most people are being introduced to this years after inception and there really hasn’t been a good way to read the entire journey from day one.  To remedy that I have compiled a slightly edited eBook of all of the blog posts from the original post up until I shot under par in April 2014.  In other words, from being a paid professional photographer who transitions into the world of golf, spends 5,000 hours practicing and eventually breaks the coveted par number.

I was going to make it a pdf download and ask people to contribute what they thought it was worth, but I thought if I put the book up on Amazon’s website it would be better formatted for all types of digital readers.  If this doesn’t work after a couple of months I may put a link to the pdf up as well, but for the time being please think about supporting The Dan Plan by purchasing the book here:

Amazon Unites States:

Amazon UK:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Amazon Australia:

Amazon Germany:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Amazon Japan:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

And most any other country, email me if you want a specific link or search for “The Dan Plan”.

I wish to apologize in advance as a few external links did not translate to this format.  One of the most blaring absences are videos.  On a few occasions I talk about watching a video and it’s just a blank on the page.  Outside of that the content is whole.  I edited out about one third of the posts but there is still quite a bit of content, too much in a lot of ways.  Down the road at some point I will have a professional editor (or a well versed friend, or myself when the amount of time in a day magically doubles) take a gander at the content and polish it up.  For now, this is the story, more or less, word for word from the beginning.  I hope you enjoy and get some value out of the content.

For every book purchased from Amazon almost $5 goes to The Dan Plan.  Thank you for reading and please help spread the word to anyone potentially interested in seeing what it takes to make such a drastic change in one’s life.


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