A Physical and Mobility Screen, the State of my Physical Self.

While meeting with Shawn Dailey today he shared with me some numbers from a physical assessment we did in early January.  These are the base numbers that we are working from and I think do a good job describing the type of athlete/person I currently am in the purely physical sense.  The goal is to improve on these numbers this winter through workouts while maintaining flexibility and mobility.  See below for a full mobility screen.

Here is the physical state of The Dan Plan as taken on January 1, 2013:

Dan Plan: Physical Performance Statistics

Weight:  152lbs  (68.95Kg)
Vertical: 17.5”   (0.4445 meters)
Vertical Power Output:  998.2 Watts
  • Average Power = (square root of 4.9) x body mass(kg) x (square root of jump distance(m)) x 9.81
  • Average Power = 2.2136 x 68.95 x 0.6667 x 9.81
  • Average Power =  998.2 Watts
Standing Long: 7’ (84”)
Single Leg Long: L- 76 7/8”
R- 72 3/4″
Seated Med Ball Toss: 164 1/2″ 
Pull Ups: 12 reps
Push Ups in 1 min: 40 reps
Squats in 1 min: 66 reps
Bench Press: 167lbs 1Rep Max (est)   
Deadlift: 203lbs 1Rep Max (est)
Back squat: 205lbs 1Rep Max (est)  
(All 1 Rep Max tests are estimated with a formula based on ability to do a safe weight) 

Along with these tests, Shawn performed a Titleist Functional Screening which helps identify any potential physical limitations in my swing as well pinpoint areas that could contribute to painful movement.  Here are the results of that screening:

Titleist Functional Screen:

Findings:  limited lat., upper thoracic, and shoulder mobility.

TPIscreenThat sums up the state of my physical condition both strength wise and mobility wise.  It will be interesting to see where these numbers are at come mid Spring after a full series of workouts.

For more info about Shawn Dailey and his clinic please visit: http://www.therapeuticassociates.com/locations/oregon/portlandvancouver/lake-oswego/lofitt/


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