Current visual status of the new golf swing

I worked hard on some changes down in the desert and just 2 weeks after my final lesson in the warmth I was out on a slightly snowy day filming that swing to see if things were still moving in the right direction.

Instead of spending too much time writing right now, here is a short intro about the swing videos that follow:

I wanted to edit all of this into one video, then realized that I don’t currently have any video editing software.  Instead, here are a few clips from different angles of where I currently exist swing wise.

7-iron face on:

7-iron down the line:

Driver face on:

Driver down the line:

This is mainly just an update about where my swing is without too many words.  Having watched these a number of times today I can see what I need to work on and where I have regressed in the two weeks since seeing Bruce.  It’s important to stay on top of these changes as it’s a slippery slope back to where I came from and in golf it is so easy for progress to reverse itself even with the best of intentions.  Filming must be a regular part of practice as feel doesn’t always lead towards one’s ultimate aims and intentions.

What I need to continue to push:  bigger shoulder and body turn and less hands-on at the takeaway.  I also need to use more lower body to generate greater speed/power.

For some contrast, this video was almost exactly a year ago:

I might have a couple of days to just hit the gym as it’s a high of mid-20s tomorrow with 20-30mph winds:


The courses will probably be closed for a couple of days.  But, I ran into a friend yesterday who owns a golf simulator down in Oregon City.  I might just have to go and visit Jari to keep the swing moving forward through this cold snap.

I also plan on doing a lot of swing drills inside today and tomorrow as I know from looking at those videos where I have started reverting and need to make sure progress is being made.  I need to forget so much of my old swing and in a lot of ways forgetting habits is harder than learning new ones.

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