Final handicap

I was hoping to get in one more round today, but it looks like the GHIN system updated already for the final time of the year.  The courses I play observe an off season so while you can post a score and it will give you a new “trending” handicap, the rounds do not count towards your official handicap and any rounds played between today, December 1, and February 1 will be dropped from official handicap scores come the spring season in February.

This really doesn’t matter at all for someone like me because my goals are still years out, but I was on a mini-tear and was shooting my best rounds so it was fun to post them and try to predict where the final handicap would be.  Where it ended up was 11.4 due to shooting an 82 and 83 (as well as some other good scores) as my final two rounds from tees that were rated at 72.

Now, I still have my personal goal of breaking 80 from blue tees before the year ends, which basically means I need to do it in the next three weeks as I’m flying to Atlanta for Christmas on December 22 and do not have a course picked out for my stay there yet so am not sure if I’ll have a place to play or not.  Three weeks to shed a few strokes off of my game should be doable.  The last round was pretty solid outside of hitting three trees for negative distance and missing four putts from within 5 feet which I would like to blame on the fact that they tined (punched small holes) the greens that morning, but really I can’t blame anything but my putting stroke.  So, work on finishing short putts and not hitting obstacles and I’m basically there.  This can be done!

After that, my goal for the winter months is contact and concentration.  When either is poor your game goes down the tubes, but if you can remain focussed on the one shot at hand and make sure you hit that ball solid you can really play some golf.

Will keep at it and can’t wait to see what scores are getting posted come next February.

Off to the course, there was a frost delay this morning but I think the sun has been out long enough to melt the ice.

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