First tourney of the year, swing update and all sorts of new stuff

First off, I didn’t want to say anything until now as I was afraid of Jinxing it, but AT&T randomly chose me (along with three others) to head down to Pebble Beach next week to do a week long Fans Eye View of the 30th annual AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.  Included in that are getting to play in a Pro-Am on Monday, a day of swing analysis, walking historic tours of Pebble, close views of the actual Pro-Am and then a chance to play Pebble the day after the tourney ends.  I’m not sure what I can and can’t say at this point, but I am SUPER excited just to get a chance to see the courses down there, let alone tee it up on a couple of them.  I will be blogging and talking about it all very soon as it unfolds.

When they reached out to me about a month ago I was speechless.  They asked if I was able to make the trip and I, of course, said yes and since that day the details have been filling in.  I fly out Sunday morning and will be down there for the next week.  Much more on that to come as it unfolds.

In the interim, I played the first “tourney” of the year up here in Portland.  It’s in the thick of winter and there aren’t that many events going on, but I played in a two-man shamble event with another golfer last Sunday.  It was the Heron Lakes Super Bowl shamble and Ed and I had a good time, although we didn’t make putts all day and those things really just come down to whoever is hitting their irons and making putts.  At least one of us was on the green on every hole, but we just couldn’t finish the deal and ended up with simply two birdies a piece on the day.  Not that great when a two-man team came in at 60…

The good news is that event, in a way, kicks off the tourney season here in Portland.  December and January are pretty much dead as the winter allows for only so much sunlight and golfing time, but now that the sun sets post 5pm things are looking brighter.

Not to say I haven’t been playing in competitive rounds as at Riverside we have games on Thursday and Saturday which are basically the same as the competition days in Australia and Europe.  What I mean is there is money on the line and the club posts your rounds.  So, in a way, I play in at least to “competition” rounds each week, although here in the states we just call them money games.   I think there is just a subtle difference in perception.  However it is, there are ways to get pressure rounds in no matter what day of the week or where you currently are in your game.

The real tourney season starts up in March with a few “Iceberg” opens around town and then amplify through the summer months.  I’m very much looking forward to those and am excited to test the new swing in events I have participated in through the past.

Speaking of the swing, here is a quick video of my new swing.  I have been working on changing a few things:

and here is a breakdown of how I compare with Luke Donald at the takeaway:

Kind of fascinating how I have changed from being under the line to over the line.  I think it’s time to find a winter coach…  I have been working on trying to get more on plane and after seeing this it’s easy to realize that I have gone over the top.  The good news is that I am hitting a ton of fairways right now.  If my iron play was up to snuff with my driver I would be shooting par or better as I am hitting 10-12 fairways a round.

It’s always something…

Pebble Beach soon!!!  Will post from there as much as possible.  Love this game!

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