Guest blog from Physical Therapist Shawn Dailey

“Shawn, how do I increase my swing speed?  Can you give a program so that I can hit it further?”

Dan asked me this question several weeks ago and we have been working on a lot of golf relevant exercises and drills to help him work towards reaching PGA level swing speeds.  Dan is like most golfers who are addicted to the sport so he reads a lot and watches a lot of Golf Channel.  This is great but there is a lot of confusing information and even more conflicting opinions out there.  I kept my answer as simple as I know how:

Dan, to increase swing speed you have to:

1.       Have an efficient and consistent swing. (most important)

a. How do I know if my swing is efficient?…  3-D testing is objective and not someone’s opinion so I prefer it.

b. Work with a Golf Pro on your swing… this is what they devote their lives to!

2.       Know what your bodies strengths, weakness, and restrictions are!  No two bodies are alike and our bodies change as we age.  We don’t all look like Dustin Johnson or have Rory’s swing.

3.       Golf Physics: Swing Speed  =  Rotational Velocity  (yes… that is different than linear velocity)

a.  Power = (force x distance) / time.    Force = Mass x acceleration,   Speed = Distance/time,  Mass = Golf club,  Acceleration = ability to move golf club quickly, Distance= Swing arch length (top to bottom), Speed =  time it takes to move the club rotationally from top of the back swing to impact.

b.  SO…  If we can increase Dan’s Power we should be able to increase his swing speed since the Mass (golf club) stays the same!!!

4.        Dan’s Power Plan:  Olympic Lifts, strength lifting/training, plyometrics/neural training, rotational speed/strength, core stability/endurance, functional golf drills, dynamic warm up, dynamic recovery (including nutrition as prescribed by an RD) and corrective activities/exercises.

While working on increasing Dan’s power we must keep in mind that Dan’s body is unique so we need to provide a program that is tailored to helping his body become more powerful in a safe way that also addresses some swing faults or potential injuries while making sure he can do the power based exercises with correct form and functional exercises that relates to golf/his body.  We do this by TESTING his body first then laying out a plan…  “Dan’s Power Plan”.

Dan’s Power Plan is a comprehensive off season performance driven strength and conditioning program that is Golf Relevant.  That is a mouth full!  It is important to note that his program is golf relevant so it is different than what a different athlete would do and is tailored to his physical and swing needs.  We have 8-10 weeks to make Dan more powerful.

For more info about Shawn, please check out his site here:

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