Make a guess, win a Clicgear cart

It’s time for a fun guessing game.  The winter is pretty much over here and tournament season starts next weekend so right now is when the game switches from working on mechanics to focussing on playing golf and learning more about scoring.  Since the handicap season opened back up on March 1 my rounds have been producing high numbers, but I can tell that going low is right around the corner.  The ball striking is there, the short game is getting tighter with the new wedges, my putting is solid and tee shots are improving.  It’s hard to say when things will turn for the better as this is golf and some things are not predictable.  Instead of my conjecturing about the tides turning I’d love for readers to make a guess on it.

Here’s the deal.  Guess the date that I shoot par or better for the first time (on 18 holes of at least a par 70 regulation golf course) and I’ll send you my Clicgear 3.0 pushcart.  For the record, this is a cart that I used for about 25 rounds, but it is in great condition and perfectly usable.  It looks just like this one:


As anyone who has used these carts knows, they are the best push carts in the business.  Smooth and easy to use they are great to have and simple to transport.  I recently added a 3.5 to my routine so have this extra one as prize material for the right guess.

I have no clue if shooting par will happen tomorrow or 6 months from now, but will keep this post near the top of the blog until the date hits.  The correct answer has to be a comment on this post, please do not email me guesses or tweet them or FB them.  And, please do not guess a date that has already been guessed and limit your guesses to one per person.  Just like in golf, this is an honor system; play by the rules and have some fun.

I’d love to open this up to worldwide followers, but I’m not sure if I can ship it internationally so let’s try to keep this in the States for right now.  That said, if there is an idea of a good prize for the international scene that isn’t shipping a 25 pound push cart thousands of miles away please let me know and I’ll consider it.

Thank you for playing the guessing game and good luck!

On an aside, I have not been able to reach Michael Phelps’ people for the Dan Plan Phelps challenge.  For more about the challenge, please read:

Seeing as Michael is taking golf seriously now and is working with Hank Haney I thought it would be appropriate to challenge him to a summer match this year.  If anyone knows anyone who may be able to make this happen let me know.

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