Masters week 2015

To start things off, there was a nicely written piece in April’s Southwest Airlines magazine by Michael Kruse:

I appreciate the coverage and am hoping to fly somewhere this month so I can see the magazine in the seats.

My original goal was to fly to Atlanta this week to check out some Masters action, but I could only get a 50/50 confirmation on a ticket so didn’t want to risk flying all the way across country for naught.  Looks like this year the event will have to be watched on TV instead of in person, but I have no qualms with that.  It’s a hard event to get a ticket for, I wonder how it compares with other major sporting events in that way?

I have never been as excited to watch golf as I am this weekend.  I didn’t grow up watching the sport as I didn’t even know anyone who golfed and my family was more tennis based so our major sporting events of the year (outside of Super Bowl and World Series) was always the tennis majors.

But, that was years ago and after dedicating about 5 years of my life to a new sport I have come to greatly appreciate what an event like the Masters means to all of the players.  And, then there is the tradition and beauty of the course.

Today I am watching Spieth play through Amen corner before heading out to practice some and play a round.  It’s hard to leave when watching someone play so well, especially a guy as nice as Spieth who I was lucky enough to meet back at the AT&T Pebble Beach.  It’s also incredible when someone stands out amongst his peers as much as Jordan has through the first two days.  He’s at the top of the game and it’s exciting to watch, even more so after having a better idea of all the work that goes into a performance like this weekend.

Speaking of hard work, Tiger Woods is playing much better too.  It was good to see him take some time off and get his short game back under control, and it’s even better to see that the work is paying off.  He is a grinder and there are glimpses of the old Tiger peaking through so far this Masters.  It should be a fun weekend and even thought Spieth has a commanding lead anything can happen.

More to come shortly, time for some Masters inspired practice.

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