New gear for cold bones

It’s about that time of the year..

Fall is officially and deeply here and luckily Christopher had a couple boxes of Nike winter gear for me today.  I’m real excited about getting this stuff because the winters here are not exactly friendly to the unprepared.  Looking at the next two seasons, having a pair of truly waterproof shoes (Nike Bandon’s), some good all weather gloves, waterproof hat and some thermals will make standing out in the rain six hours a day a more pleasurable experience!

So, a BIG THANK YOU to Nike for providing all of the gear thus far and an extra special THANKS for the winter gear!

Back to business..

CS and I worked on chipping today (guess that’s not too much of a surprise seeing as there’s only two things we have worked on over the past half-year.).  But, more specifically, how to hit the ball with different types of lies.  We went over uphill, downhill, sidehill and what he called “cocktails” where you get a mix of angles to work with.  We also started going into how to hit that ball in deep rough, but I think there will be a little while before I start approaching that heavily.  I’ve enough on my plate just figuring out how to make solid contact with a nice lie!

Afterwords, I headed to the gym and did one of Shawn Dailey’s new workouts.  I thought that I had been about as sore as I could get over the past 10 weeks while working with Shawn, but I was grossly wrong.  This new workout was intense!  I actually quite enjoy hitting the gym, it allows me to get out all the frustrations involved with NOT being able to hit a golf ball hard yet.  I can’t tell you how many times I just want to smack a ball after missing a two-foot putt..  so, there’s the gym for that and I’ve had a great experience with everything Shawn has done for me thus far.  The new workouts are a bit of the same, but with a number of additions aimed at building some quick and explosive power.  The plan is to build up strength through the winter and hopefully be at the physical level I need to be at by next summer.  After that, we can shift gears and do more maintenance work while focussing more on the actual golf.  And, with the sun setting at 4pm these days, I might as well spend the evenings in the gym!

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