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Over the weekend I spent a good bit of time resting to get over a pretty gnarly head cold I came down with Friday night.  While resting, I had a chance to put up a new stats page on The Dan Plan landing page that I had been meaning to put up for some time.  For the first time, I have stats coming in that any golfer can relate to as I am actually playing full rounds.  I will update this page every couple of weeks with the most current statistics that come in.  Please check it out by either going to or by clicking on the link on the home page.

Also, I put up a link to “what’s in the bag” as that seems to be a popular question.  I will update this as new items come in, for now I have seven clubs and a few extras.  Hopefully the driver will be added soon :)

Back to the head cold..  In some ways I think it came as a blessing.  I’d been spending a LOT of time on the range lately to try and get a few new swing thoughts installed into my memory bank and my lower back has been worse for wear.  It’s hard for me to take a day off, let alone two, but now that I had a couple of rest days my back is feeling about 90 percent better and in the long run it’s much more important to stay physically healthy than to push yourself on any one single day.  So, thank you head cold for sidelining me for two days and allowing my back the rest that it needed.

Today, I’m heading to the course to do some super slow motion work with my swing.  We’ve adjusted the lie angle of my irons and changed my posture over the ball (moved an inch further away and have more bend to the back) and in order to get a feel for this new swing plane and posture I will go over it very slowly a couple of times and then take a full swing at regular pace.  By rotating through this way: slow slow fast slow slow fast, you get to know how the new swing “feels” to you and what inner muscle groups are firing and in what order.  Building a internal swing model is crucial for being able to self-diagnose on the course when things don’t go as planned (and really, do they ever go as planned?).

After this it’s time to head back to putting drill land.  My coach is presenting The Dan Plan to a group of instructors in Orlando this November and he wants some updated data on my 3-foot and 5-foot putting.  I’d like to know this too, as I have not done those specific drills in a while (hitting 100 of each and counting the percent made) and when I last completed those drills I was in the 90 percentile for 3-footers and around 80 percent of 5 footers.  It will be interesting to know if anything has changed in the past few months.  I would wager that my percentages is about the same as I’ve been killing it from those distances on the course and have been fine tuning my putting swing over the past month.  I feel more comfortable than ever over a short putt.

The two links (what’s in the bag and stats) were something that I’d been meaning to do but finally implemented due to the suggestion of a reader.  If there is anything else that you would like to see please let me know.  I do have limited resources, but will try and get whatever I can up and public.

Thank you all as always!

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