Not to be a downer…

I need to get more ice packs.  For the knees, the wrists, the lower back, the right shoulder blade, the feet and the hands.  Maybe instead of an ice pack, I should invest in a soaking tub :)

With the risk of coming off a bit like a complainer: my body has hurt in just about every way possible over the past 13 months.  It comes in waves since the first week and I know what will happen now when a new part decides to take a turn in the carrousel of ache.  It starts with a sharp pain.  It’s usually a surprise and just comes on with no warning.   One day all is well, the next my left big toe will decide that it just feels like taking an “strike-cation”  (that’s an impromptu vacation for no specific reason).  Those last for a couple of days and generally get better as I warm up throughout the day.  After three or four days, it changes to a dull aching stiffness that needs to be well stretched and warmed up in the morning and evenings.  Then one morning, like the Australian houseguest that nobody really knew but stayed 10 days, it’s gone.  (was that a too detail-specific analogy?)  :)  This pattern repeats itself with a totally random body part ever month or so.  It’s one of the few things that I’ve come to count on since starting The Plan.

I really can’t blame the body part, I mean I’m honestly putting a good old-fashioned whooping on my body and everything needs a break here or there.  Since day one, these parts have gone on holiday at some point:  lower back, tendons on the bottom of the feet, both big toes, ankles, knees, right hip, upper back, right shoulder blade, right wrist, callus points on hands, hand and finger stiffness and the neck.  Outside of that, everything else has held up solidly.

Again, not complaining, it’s just a part of the shift from desk-jockey to regular exerciser; comes with the territory and I thought it was worth sharing.  When the body works through it’s initial shock of “what the heck are you doing to me!”, I think it’s ending up stronger and closer to the goal.

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