one in a million

First off, I hit a chip shot from 40 yards out today that literally landed in the hole, didn’t touch anything except for the flagstick as it fell in.  It was a miss-hit (went way farther then I was aiming), but still counts!

It was pouring out today and nobody was on the course, as usual in this kind of weather, so I went in and asked a person working on the desk if it would be possible to go out and practice on the course a bit.  He said that they could not allow me on the course even when there is nobody else around because stepping onto the first green requires greens fees.  I wasn’t too surprised by this, but I had been hoping that there wouldn’t be a problem with me practicing on a real course.  As it turns out, I think that I will have to pay greens fees a lot earlier than I was hoping and I’m a little bummed about the soon-to-be very expensive sport that I’ve dedicated myself to.

I think horse racing would be the only sport requiring a larger budget than golf.  And, lord knows I can’t afford a horse!

So, I’m in a bit of a conundrum here.  Without finding a reasonable corporate sponsor soon, I might be running out of my budget midway through the second year of The Plan.  Well, that might not be entirely true, I could probably last the entire time if I ONLY play the cheapest courses around town and play those only during the off times (evening and early bird) and opt to practice only on the free putting greens too.  This wouldn’t be a horrible scenario, but it would also be very limiting in the types of greens and holes I would be getting experience on.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to help finance The Plan please let me know, I’m all ears!

In the meantime, I will continue to practice where I can for free and gain some real-course experience out at Colwood where they said it would be fine for me to venture out onto the course one day a week.

Not sure why I picked such an expensive sport!

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