Two winter trips are planned and some new TrackMan stats are posted

There are a couple of trips in the near future for The Dan Plan.  First off, heading to Atlanta from January 29 – February 4 to see the folks and while there get my swing checked by Scott Hamilton up in Cartersville.  I haven’t seen him in about 10 months and will be extremely interested in what he has to say about the direction my swing has taken over these past months.  To this date, whenever I am working on anything on the range I still think about everything he taught my during my stint in Georgia last year even though we only worked together for a couple of hours during that entire time.

I also will be stopping by Golf Club of Georgia to see a few golfing buddies that I played with last year around this time.  Can’t wait to see how people’s swings have changed and how I play that course.  December 28, 2012 was the first time I teed it up for a full round with a full set of golf clubs and it was on that course.  I believe I shot a 94 on the Lakeside course; although it was a liberal 94 ;)

While there, if anyone is around I would love to play.  Have clubs, will golf.  Let me know who wants to tee it and let’s make it happen.  Pretty much every day is free as of now.

The next trip is to head to Carlsbad, California from February 20-23 to meet with Titleist.  A few months ago I began talking with the marketing director for Vokey Wedges and as our conversations and emails continued we decided it would be a good idea to meet and do a fitting at their Oceanside Test Facility as well as have lunch and chat about The Dan Plan.  It would be ridiculous to pass up on an opportunity like this, so I’m be heading down there and will be looking for someone to play a round with both February 22 and the morning of Feb 23.  Who’s up for some sunny Southern California golf?  It will be a nice change from the two weeks of frost-delays-until-noon weather that we have had in Portland.

Both trips are exciting and a chance to play different golf with different people.  When learning it is important to change up your environment and this will do just that.  They are short trips, but will have plenty of experiences packed into them.

In other news.  I posted another TrackMan combine score in the TrackMan stats page.  This time I shot a 67.7 which was slightly higher than my previous score of 66.9.  I’m learning through these that the Combine is a massively good way to see where your accuracy stands, especially in the wedges.  Trying to hit 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 120 yard shots on the nose is a lot harder than I would have expected and after doing a few combines I know that my wedge skills are nowhere near where they need to be. (Good thing I’m heading to Carlsbad for a wedge fitting :)).  I encourage anyone who can to go and do a combine and see how their irons/wedges stand up to the challenge.  My goal:  shoot a combine score of 80+ by the end of the summer.  This is not going to be an easy challenge, but with enough work will be doable.

Coming soon:  new winter workout info from PT Shawn Dailey.  We have met and completed a full physical screening and he should have the results, as well as a write-up of how we plan to increase power over the winter, soon.  Stay tuned for that, perhaps by Monday morning.

Stay warm out there and have a great weekend!

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