Quick catch up from a long drive

I have a quick question, but before that here’s a short synopsis of my journey thus far:

I left Portland yesterday heading towards Palm Springs.  I had plenty to do around town before I left, but finally got out of town around noon.  My first stop was in Chico, CA to stay with some friends and I arrived later in the evening but with plenty of time left to catch up and share stories.  We stayed up too late and I got up a bit too early, but I had a round in Auburn, CA with a friend and follower of the blog so the road was the way.

After about 5.5 hours of sleep I had a delicious breakfast in Chico then took the back roads to Auburn, arriving a little late for the round but the club was pretty open and let us on 20 minutes after our originally scheduled time.  It was a beautiful day and wonderfully different course than anything you get in PDX.


photo 4

My friend standing out in his Red garb amongst the recently dormant bermuda grasses:

photo 5

A nice little par 3.  It took me about 14 holes to figure out the pace and slope of these greens:

photo 3

Then there was one more thing from the road, it was basically my entertainment for the night as I left Auburn at 4:30 and had an 8 hour drive to the desert:

photo 1

My poor little truck has seen a lot of road miles over the past two years, but she’s a champ and keeps humming along.  I was wanting to drive all the way to Palm Springs, but when it got to 10pm and my map said I still had 4 hours remaining I decided to call it a night.  So, I’m camped out in the middle of nowhere California and looking into where to practice and play in the desert during my stay.

This is the question..  If anyone has any info or advice about this part of the country please do tell.   It’s my first time heading down there and I honestly have no idea what to expect and am unsure of where to seek out practice facilities.  I know there are endless courses there and am sure something will work out, but advice and tips are key!

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