Round One

First round of the PNGA Mid-Am is in the bag, whether I want it to be or not. I played some solid golf today on a very difficultly set up course, but also played a few horrible holes and that is the difference between scoring in the middle of the pack and being five from last..

1. par 5: Pushed the tee shot left into the rough on the side of a hill. Hit a 9-iron over some tall trees to get back to the fairway at 170 out. Hit a 6-iron to the elevated green and landed it 15 feet short of the pin. Lipped the putt out and tapped it in for par. EVEN

2. par 4: Hit the fairway with a 3-wood. Hit the green with a loft wedge and two putted from 20 feet for a par. EVEN

3. par 5: Hit a solid drive down the middle to 300 yards out. Used a 7-iron to layup to 130 and then pushed a PW slightly to the fringe. Made the two-putt from 25 feet out for par. EVEN.

4. par 3: Hit a 4-hybrid to the back edge, chipped on an lipped out a 5-footer, tapped in the comeback for my first bogey of the round. ONE OVER

5. Par 4: A hooked 3-hybrid ended up stymied behind trees. Punched out with a wedge and then used the same wedge to get to the front of the green where I made a 10 footer for par. ONE OVER

6. par 4: Hooked a 3-wood into the trees. Hit a low liner 7-iron from 158 yards out left of the green behind more trees. Punched an easy wedge to get on the green but it went long to the other side in the rough. Chipped on and then two-putted from 12 feet for a double bogey. THREE OVER

7. Par 3: Pull hooked a 3-hybrid into the trees to a stymied location, and had to punch out on a par three just to have a shot at the green. Hit the third ball onto the green but it rolled out and then two-putted from 20 feet for another double. FIVE OVER

8. Par 4: Pulled my drive into the rough and was blocked by a tree to the green. Hit a draw around the tree that ended up in the bunker. Had a great out from the bunker but missed a 4-footer. Made the comeback for a bogey. SIX OVER

9. Par 4: Pushed the drive into the trees and had 220 out on the second shot, but didn’t have a clear shot at the green. Punched out to 65 yard and hit the green on the third shot. Missed an 8-footer for par, made the bogey. SEVEN OVER and a 43 for the front side.

10. Par 4: Pull hooked a 3-wood into the trees and had to punch out to 120. The wind knocked my approach down into a bunker where I made a good up-and-down to save the bogey. EIGHT OVER

11. Par 3: Hit what I thought was a perfect 5-iron into the wind on this 175 yard par 3, but it took a funny bounce and ended up in a green-side bunker. I caught the bunker shot a little thin and it went just over the green and landed on a cart path, bouncing deep under tree cover. Without a look at the pin, I had to chip onto the green on the opposite end and then had a 40 footer where I had to putt over the fringe. I left that six feet short and tapped the next putt but missed the cup and ended up with another 6 footer. Missed it again and finally made the fourth putt for a seven. A little shocked I four-putted, but things happen. TWELVE OVER

12. Par 4: Actually hit a fairway with my driver. Then, hit the green from 150 yards and landed it pin high. Had a 15 footer for bird that lipped 360 degrees around the hole but ended on the edge. Tapped it in for par. TWELVE OVER

13. Par 4: Pushed my drive way left. Had to punch out to 170 yards and then left the approach just short of the green. Chipped on to a foot and sank the bogey putt. THIRTEEN OVER

14. Par 5: I pulled my driver to get over the water on this par 5 even though I usually use 3-wood because driver can go through the fairway at the dogleg.. The wind was strong in our face and I caught it well, but the drive dropped into the water. It was a red hazard, so I got to go up and drop and from the drop, I hit a 7-iron over some trees to get to a place where I had a chance at getting to the green on the next shot. The seven went a little long and ended up next to a tree trunk with 175 to the green. I hit a 5-iron and pushed it a little, then the wind took it and I thought it was going to hit a tree, but it landed left and took a hard bounce down a hill and rolled OB. I had to take distance and stroke, so dropped a ball and hit another one from 175 which I left short in the rough. Pitched it on, but the ball rolled out long so I was lying 7 and had a 50 foot putt. I got aggressive with the putt in an attempt to save a triple, but missed and had an 8-footer as a return putt. Missed that and tapped it in for a 10. Just a wreck of a hole. EIGHTEEN OVER

15. Par 4: Pulled the drive just a little, but had a view of the pin if I hit it over some trees. Hit a wedge pin high and two putted from 15 feet. EIGHTEEN OVER

16. Par 4: Beast of a hole. Hit a good drive into the wind and had 210 yard remaining. Pulled a 3-hybrid a little and it landed on a cart path and ended up under a trashcan. I had to chip it low from 20 feet off the green as there were trees above me and I hit the green but it rolled through. Chipped back on and then two putted from 6 feet. TWENTY OVER

17. Par 3: Hit the green and almost sank the bird, but tapped in for par. TWENTY OVER

18: Par 4: Pulled the drive into the rough. Hit the green from 175 yards but it came off hot and rolled just over the green into the rough. Chipped on and made a four footer for par. TWENTY OVER.

That’s how it went. I played 15 good holes then got a triple, quad and five over. That’s the way it goes sometimes, just had to be during a tournament.. I’m excited for tomorrow, it’s another chance to do well and play some solid golf!

I only hit four fairways today and when you miss fairways at CECC you are in trouble. The trees are punishing and you can’t always make it back to the fairway even with a good punch shot. Tee shots were by far my biggest weak link leading to the most extra strokes. I did have two bad putting holes (four putt and a three putt) but all in all I chipped and putted well, just didn’t hit any greens in regulation and when that happens it’s hard to play solid golf.

It’s all a learning experience and I learned a few lessons today and if nothing else, I know where my practice needs to be focused in the coming months.

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