slicing and hooking!

Not exactly "ideal" but it works and that's what counts!

I went out to Heron to see Christopher today for a couple hours.  It had been a little while since we met up, so it was good to touch base and chat with him for a bit.  We talked shop and caught up on each other’s news and then headed out to the practice greens.

After going over my putting for a few minutes (only thing he changed was my aim, which had been drifting a bit towards the right.) we headed down to work on chipping, where I needed more professional assistance..  My contact had been improving steadily over the past two months, but the first thing Christopher noticed was my aim, just like in my putting, had drifted a little right.  So, along with learning how to chip and slice the ball, my goal for the coming weeks is to adjust my aim to the left.  There’s also a ton of mechanics to work on, as there always is!

Good news, he let me borrow the net shown above and I found an old used mat on Craig’s List, so now I have a “home office” where I can practice in the evenings or when it’s so cold that the courses are closed.  I really hope that I don’t have to spend too much time in the garage this winter, but the last two weeks in November have proven to be challengingly cold, so we’ll see.  If I’m not at the course or the gym, I’m probably in the back yard working away in the garage..

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