Smaller things in life

This picture is about as exciting as I could make it.  Sometimes the excitement isn’t in the image but the function.  And despite the simplicity of these I haven’t been this excited since opening my first full set of golf clubs.

That’s right, orthotics!  But, not just any orthotics, these babies are custom made ones I got personally fit by PT Michael Martindale (he builds them for the Portland Trailblazers and pretty much any athlete that visits the Nike campus and has foot issues.).  I was introduced to Michael via my PT Shawn Dailey as I have bum big toes (thank you for the genetics mom) that don’t like to bend by the end of the day and have a few bone spurs on the base joint.  It’s really one of the only things that ever gets in the way of my training: by the end of a long day there have been a couple of times when I still wanted to train but the big toes were screaming to take a break.  I don’t like excuses, so I thought of having them cut off, but apparently you need toes for balance and you need balance for golf, so that wouldn’t have helped a thing.

Now, I’ve got these bad boys to adjust my gait and take pressure off of the little digits.  I’m breaking them in as I type and am excited to get out there and see how well they work.

Thank you Michael for getting these made!

On a related note (not really, I can’t think of much related to orthotics right now) I’ve come all the way to Atlanta to get a taste of home:

Nothing wrong with a bit of rain, but the thunder I’ve been hearing at night means there’s lightening near by.  The guy working at the cart shed at the club said only one person has been struck by lightening in the past 8 years.   If there’s an average of 100 golfers a day for 365 days over the past 8 years then that’s 292,000 golfers and 1 got struck by lightening.  I’ll take those odds.  But, if the thunder gets close you might just see me jumping for cover..

Time to break in some orthotics.

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