Snowed in; cabin fever hitting critical levels

I’m pretty sure the majority of us Portlanders are feeling a bit like this right now:

shining jack frozen

It’s not that it has been especially terrible.  After all, just about 5 or 6 inches of snow fell, which then froze over, keeping the streets dangerous to drive on for the past 3-4 days, but when you live in a city where this type of thing happens once every 5 years the infrastructure is not there to plow and keep things flowing.  Just yesterday most of the city got a warning message on their phones to stay off the roads:


That was a first for me.  The snow began to fall on Thursday and on Friday and Saturday I managed to walk about ten miles a day exploring the icy city, sledding, and enjoying a couple snow days. Then yesterday hit and the sidewalks/streets were so slick it was precarious even to walk to the corner store.  The majority of the day was spent held up inside without much news.  I did, though, have a good talk with Goal Guy Stuart last night.

Our talk was a bit of catching up as we hadn’t gotten on the horn for a few weeks, then we went into what the next chapter of The Dan Plan needs to be.

Stuart mentioned how a journey like mine can be broken into chapters and without figuring out what the next chapter should be one can continue wandering in the same direction without the appropriate steps towards the next breakthrough.  In a sense, this is how the dreaded plateau happens.

He asked me what had worked lately and I talked about how much I learned by seeing Bruce down in Palm Springs 2-3 times a week.  I feel like I made some critical breakthroughs in my game while in the desert and Stuart asked why I wasn’t still down there and what I needed to do to make it so I could work with my (or any high quality coach currently in Portland while Bruce is down in the desert until May) coach as much as I felt like I needed to.  We also talked about a few different people who’s success stories we could relate to my project and what they went through to make it.  A lot of it comes down to having a pair of eyes on your progress on a regular basis.

Bruce mentioned the same thing to me a couple months ago.  He said that the only way he saw this as a possibility was if I had a pair of eyes helping me stay on track.  He has told me a number of times that when I leave a lesson my swing is looking great and I am hitting the ball well, then I go and practice for 30 hours (with the best of intentions) just to revert to old habits.  It feels like a Sisyphean task at times.

Stuart encouraged me to write about this to see if anyone in the reader brain-trust had any ideas.  The simple solution is to get very wealthy so I can afford to spend the next 3 years under the near-constant eyes of a coach.  Well, not sure how “simple” that is, but the point is that in order to start that next chapter and make the continued push forward something needs to change.

This could be as simple as filming my practice daily and then posting it for my coach to offer advice.  Or perhaps moving somewhere warm where I could work on the range and be an understudy of a good coach.   Any ideas are appreciated.

I’m not sure how to start the next chapter of The Dan Plan, but after hearing the words of Bruce and Stuart I believe that something needs to change in my daily routine.  There is a way to accelerate progress and whatever it takes is what I need to be doing next.

For now, back to a bit of snow.  The course might open as soon as tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.


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