New Stats straight from the first TrackMan session

The TrackMan is finally up and running and it’s better than I had even imagined.

From my first session out there proved enlightening to both what I am currently doing as well as what I need to be working on.  This tool adds to awareness and knowledge and is right at home with the tenants of Deliberate Practice (requiring expert feedback).  It is perfect for improving the swing.

So far I have not had a chance to do a Combine, but did run through all of my clubs hitting each five times to get a general state of my swing.  I have attached the PDF that breaks down each swing as well as charts the averages here:

Dan Plan 2012-12-14 Multi Group Report

Also, this is an image of the averages and below that is a similar chart for the PGA Tour averages:

There is a lot to work on, but now I know more about exactly what I need to work on.  Swing speed is one aspect, as well as angle of attack and launch angle.  Lots of juicy data here to start playing around with.

Now that I have the system up and running and found a nice covered spot at Trails End Driving Range (Going to avoid the rain and wait until a dry season to use it on Columbia Edgewater’s awesome grass range) my plan with TrackMan is to do a combine at least a couple of times a week as well as run through all of my clubs five times each for averages once every two weeks.

Trails End:

I think that this provides a better understanding to anyone interested in following about where my current swing stands.  There is only so much that we can garner through the handicap system and this data has much more precise information in it as far as specifics go.  I can now work on specific swing aspects and then see if they are actually producing results and how many hours of practice are needed to make a real change.  This is awesome.

Heading to CECC now to work on some weaknesses I see in this data.  Tomorrow I will do my first TrackMan Combine and will be posting the score on the landing page of  Also, I will post an updated spreadsheet of the TrackMan data twice a month of the stats page of this site:

Thoughts on this initial data?

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