The verdict is in

The GM of CECC, Bryan, emailed me this morning and asked me to come in for a meeting this afternoon. The board had convened on June 27 and one of the items of discussion was whether or not to continue a courtesy membership they had offered me over the past two years.

After reading the GM’s email I was excited, as I thought that the vote had been positive and that they wanted to discuss some details of our new arrangement moving forward. I had provided the board a list of ways in which the project could potentially benefit the club and figured we were going to go over that list and discuss the details of when and how I could utilize the facilities for practice purposes and what concrete items they would like to see in return. At worse, I figured, I would be able to use the range and short course area a few days a week.

I arrived a little early and the GM and I waited around for a couple of people who were going to attend the meeting to discuss the news. It was the first time that I had been back to the club since the end of May and returning felt stranger than I expected. I wandered around the halls for a bit and it wasn’t unlike returning to a campus that you had graduated from the previous year; everything was still there in it’s right place and the general tenor remained, but the intimate familiarity of the place had quickly changed from a second home to a guest in a foreign land. I didn’t see any of the people I used to run around the course with nor did I even recognize the employees I ran into during this 30 minute visit. Surely the place couldn’t have changed at all in just 30 days, but perhaps the lack of familiarity was a self-defense mechanism preparing me for the worst of news. No matter, what was so recently my daily routine now felt like the waking memory of an early night’s dream.

After a few minutes we couldn’t get in touch with anyone else so I just asked him to tell me the news. “Lay it on me Bryan,” says I. He looked at me with disappointed eyes. I could tell that he cared and was sorry to be the one that had to relay the message. “The board has decided to not continue our relationship,” he tells me. I ask him why he had me come in to tell me that, why he didn’t just call me this morning and he replies that because of the relationship that CECC and The Dan Plan have had over the past two years he wanted me to find out in person. I told him that I appreciated the gesture and that I was sorry we couldn’t make it continue to work for the next year.

I understand why CECC made the decision and have nothing but appreciation for them letting me utilize the golf facilities for the past two years. It was an amazing run and I learned a ton during my tenure there and hope that I was able to return to the members what they provided for me. There are some wonderful people who are members of the club and I wish them all continued success and hope that membership makes it to capacity and stays there for years to come. I recommend CECC to any serious golfers who want a challenging course, wonderful practice facilities and good competitive play.

I will miss it out there. Thank you to the staff for being so supportive and just plain awesome. It has been a pleasure to get to know all of you and I hope that we cross paths countless times down the road. Even you Chris Meyer (inside joke, he’s a great guy). The vast majority of members were kind, intelligent and good golfers. There were only a handful of bad apples at the club which is pretty impressive considering how many members there are.

Anyone interested in checking out CECC should go to the Safeway Classic coming up in August. I’ll be out there watching the LPGA play and would love to give some walking tours on the grounds during the weekend.

Over the past month I have come to realize how important it is to have a consistent practice home. It has been hard in June to figure out, on a daily basis, where to work on specific aspects of the game and when looking at the number of hours practiced, this month has been much less than many of the previous months due to not having that consistency. Now that I have a concrete answer from CECC I must figure out what the next steps are and what the future of The Dan Plan looks like. It simply can’t be running around to different courses every day as I can neither afford that nor does it translate into the type of stable practice that is needed for success.

It’s time for me to start exploring the golfing options around town. I’m going to begin this asap as I have a lot to work on and would like to find a new golfing home to get that work started.

CECC, thank you again. You were wonderful to me. Please know that it wasn’t you, it was me that changed. You’re going to find a new Dan Plan and thrive with that person. Things change and people grow apart, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t always going to be in my heart. I wish you the best of luck; and who knows, maybe one day we’ll be together again. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to venture out and explore this big world of ours, you’ll find the perfect Dan Plan for you.

All joking aside, it does feel a bit like I got dumped today, but these things happen and we’ve all been on both sides of the stick. The past two years were amazing as will the next two and the two after that. Keep doing what you do CECC and stay true to golf. You are a wonderful place and I will always remember you as my first; the one that taught me what it meant to be a golfer.

PS. The Oregonian is running a story in the Sunday issue tomorrow. Here is a link to some photos the awesome photog shot:

and to the story:

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