Too late for Christmas gift ideas? A new way to support The Dan Plan

A handful of people have recommended that I join an affiliate program so that when there is a product I like I can link to it and generate a small percentage of the sales to help support The Dan Plan.  From those suggestions I have decided to join Amazon’s affiliate program.

It makes more sense than just asking for donations as a lot of us already make our purchases on Amazon.  I have placed a widget on the side bar (over there  ———–>) with some of the things that I have enjoyed along the way and will continue to update that widget with new products as I find/review them.  The best part of that widget, though, is that if you click on it and purchase ANYTHING on Amazon, it doesn’t have to be one of the listed products, a small percent goes towards supporting The Plan.

If you enjoy following this journey and want to help in a way that gets you exactly what you want then just click on that Amazon link and shop away.

Thank you for considering going through this website when making your online purchases.

Happy Holidays!

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