Trending stats and graphs

A Dan Plan reader who also happens to be a physicist collected data and produced a few graphs which I think show interesting trends.

This first one is my handicap according to hours of practice.  I first got a handicap after about 2,000 hours of training and at the time I still had just 7 clubs.  The most recent handicap of 2.8 that was given last week is not included, this data is up to about 5,000 hours of training:


This next one is my handicap related to date.  Not exactly linear, but to me it’s obvious when I made big changes in my swing and what came from them after the step backwards:

This one is similar, but it’s how the handicap relates to the number of practice hours:danPlanHCvsHours

Then he charted out my rate of practice and how that has changed over time. What this demonstrates is that once I started playing full rounds my daily/weekly/monthly average practice hours actually decreased from when I was solely working on the putting green and range.  Originally I was scheduled to finish October 2017, but at the new rate the final date should be closer to November 2019:danPlanHoursProj

This final one looks at my training rate from day one to the present day and shows a bit clearer how the average number of hours logged a day has slightly slowed since July 2013.

In other news I got the email yesterday saying I could officially play in the Oregon Am qualifier June 3rd.  This is the first year where my handicap was low enough to get into the event and I am excited to give it a go.  Last year 76 was the qualifying score to get into the actual Oregon Am.  I have that number in the bag and if I play decent I should be able to progress.  The actual Am is 36 hole stroke play and then the top 64 players get to move on to a 4 days of match play.  One step at a time and my goal is to play well in the qualifier coming up soon.

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