Head south or stick it out in Portland?

I don’t really know the answer to this one.  I can see some + and – on each end and have been weighing them for some time now.

For the “sticking it out in Portland” case:  I get to practice and workout at home where my entire routine has already been mapped out so I can maximize my time in that I do not need to travel or find a new place to live/practice/play.  I will stay close to my support system and can meet with my new coach frequently.  On the other hand:  It can be downright nasty out from now until June.  I went out today to practice and play nine with a college golfer who is back in town, but it was raining so hard that the course was unplayable.  Here’s a photo of me with the ninth green in the background.  This green looks bad, but was actually one of the driest out there.  After about 4 inches of rain, there is standing water all over the place and even though that can be an added challenge to fairway shots, it is very unrealistic to putt through a stream:

That said, I have no problem working around the rain and am prepared to practice through the winter here.  But, would that maximize my time and be the best for the project?  That is the question..

The winter can be a time for working on mechanics and building strength, too; and the rainy season is perfect for keeping me off the course and in the gym or indoor swing rooms.  And, with the TrackMan I can find an indoor space to set it up and practice my swing whenever the rains may hit (which is a lot for everyone out there who hasn’t lived in the Pacific Northwest.), so there are options for staying here and working.  Also, I have access to a gym and everything I need to workout at home, so bulking up will be part of my winter routine wherever I go and will be easy to do here.

On the other hand, heading somewhere dry and warm could add to the amount of time I can practice/play outside through the winter months.  If I went to Palm Springs, Carlsbad or Phoenix I would be able to carry on just like in the Portland summer months with the ability to work at the course all day every day.  But, that means that I need to find a place to live, practice and workout.  This is doable (anything and everything is doable), I just need to make up my mind on what is best.

Pros and cons on both sides.  There’s really not a right answer, but on days where I just want to be out there practicing but the courses close due to inclement weather it’s easy to sit here and ponder upon whether Portland is the best choice for the coming months.

This is a scene from yesterday:

40mph winds do wonders for umbrellas.

What does everyone out there think?  Should I stick it out here or head for the hills?

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