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Below is my current normal week in the gym.  Physical Therapist Shawn Dailey has developed the workout to help The Dan Plan in two ways.  First off, the goal is that once I am swinging a driver I will have the strength to get the club-head speeds that I need to launch the ball.  Secondly, and probably more important, to prevent injuries from all of the repetitive motions that training full-time brings.

I started these workout with Shawn back in October and our plan is to continue like this until Spring where the course condition start to get better and I will be spending a LOT more time on the greens, at which point we will switch to “maintenance” workouts for the summer months.  For the record, I currently spend about 8 hours a week in the gym.

My challenge to you is: Follow this workout as best you can for 12 weeks, I PROMISE it will pay off and you will feel great for it!!

The Dan Plan weekly workouts: Winter to Spring, 2011

Developed by Shawn Dailey

Day 1 Functional Golf Strength

Day 2 Cardio (bike/elliptical/stair mill/ Run) x 45 min  (plyo Drills 2-3 sets) foam roll

Day 3 General Strength  (do 3 sets)

Day 4 Functional Golf Strength

Day 5 Cardio (bike/elliptical/stair mill or run) x 45 min  (plyo Drills 2-3 sets) foam roll

Day 6 Plyometrics 2-3 sets (one day during the weekend), Foam roll

Day 7 Off

Functional Golf Strength:

5 min warm-up on rowing machine

Dynamic Warm up:  Knee/ankle grab, two hand toe touch, lunch reach, lunge side-bend, Over/under hurdle, lunge pull arm across body, Lunge and point to sky


Heavy Medball throwing rotations against wall X 20 Forward (quickly)

X 20 Backward (over shoulder with straight arms)

Walking Medball Throw downs  X 20 forward

X 20 Backward

Ride rowing machine 2-min at moderate pace

Tri-plane Lunge w/ med ball x 5 each leg

Wave (with handles) x 5- 10 each side

Med ball X-touch against the wall x 10 each side

Ride rowing machine 2-min at moderate pace

Around the World 10LB Med ball circles on rocker board:

2-legs, around waist x 10 each direction (5-iron posture)

1-leg, around knees x 10 each direction (5 IP)

1-legs, around waist x 10 each direction (5IP)

10 LB Medball swing  (5-IP)  (use a golf ball for visualization)

20 each direction on 2 legs

15 each direction on each leg

Ride rowing machine 2 min

Single Leg Medball chest pass against a wall  X 20 each leg x each direction

Thrown one hand with crossed rotation

Throw two hands with hip external rotation

Band Exercises:

Single leg hip twist on one leg standing upright x 20 each direction/each leg

Single leg hip twist on two legs in 5-iron posture x 20 each direction

Shoulder/Core Stability:

Push Up Position: (hold onto 5lb weights with feet on rocker board or bosu)

Shoulder abduction X 10 each side (alternating)

Shoulder Flexion x 10 each side (alternating)

Shoulder External rotation x 10 (alternating )

Core:  Thera ball:

On back, marching (extend on leg at a time) x 20-30

Bridge with feet on ball x 20

Mt Climbers with elbows on ball x 20

Back on ball and torso twist x 20 each direction

Balance on hands/knees raise one arm x 10

Rope climb (on back) x 40

Plank with hip twist x 20-40

Red band around ankles with ball under torso:

Raise leg straight back x 20 each leg

Raise leg to side x 20 each leg

General Strength

5 min on rowing machine

Dynamic Warm up (see above)

Exercises:  Do 2-3 sets.

Elbow crushers (standing on rocker board) x 10-20

Biceps Curls (standing on rocker board) x 10-20

Squat w/ Shoulder Press (standing on rocker board) x 10-20

Triceps pull downs (on cables)  x 10-20

Lat Pull Down (on cables) x 10-20

Statue of liberty lunges x 20 each arm

Dead lift (2-legs) x 10

Bent over row (good posture) x 10-20 each leg

Single leg Dead lift X 10-15

Close grip Torso twist with cables x 10-20

Chop with cables x 10-20

Single arm cable row with torso twist X 10-20

Single arm cable punch w/twist X 10-20

Single Leg/ bent over/ hip twist x 10-20 each leg

Ankle Bands w/med ball:

Side step with a squat and push press X 10 each direction

Side Step with Dead lift x 10 each direction

Walking back wards with opposite torso twist X 20


Hip routine:  Straight Leg raises, lateral raises, and circles (see sheet)

Plyometrics:  ( do 2-3 rounds)  Doing three days per week.

  • Straight throw downs with medicine ball 20 as fast as possible  Side to side as fast as possible x 20 with each leg forward.
  • Squat Press Medicine ball Throws throws x 20
  • 2-handed over head wall toss X 20 fast as possible
  • Water bucket tosses 20 each direction
  • R side wall throws x 20 as fast as possible
  • Burpees x 20
  • L  side wall throws x 20 as fast as possible

Dynamic stretch again

That’s it!

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