Going with the flow and teeing it at East Lake golf club

Some very last minute plans have been made and I will now be heading down to Atlanta this week to play in a small charity tournament on Thursday at Peachtree Golf Club.

While in the south I have also been invited to tee it at East Lake Golf Club which is where they hold the annual Tour Championship in early September each year.  That means there are back-to-back rounds this week at awesome golf courses that should provide a good window into both my current state of golfing affairs as well as help illustrate where I need to be four years from this week.

I know the pressure isn’t the same as playing in a professional tourney and the course won’t be set up quite as tough, but I can use this occasion (happening so close to the halfway point) as a general marker for my current status.  And, I think it will be a blast playing on both of those courses for the first time.  There will be a lot of golf history to absorb while there as well.  East Lake was Bobby Jones’ home course and where he played his final round of golf and it is also the oldest golf course in the Atlanta area dating back to just after 1900.

In the meantime I have been working away at the driver and looking into joining as many competitive and tournament rounds as possible in the next few weeks.

Also, coach Bruce will have returned from the desert by the time I get back from Atlanta and we are well past due for some catching up and a swing lesson.

That’s it for now, just a short little update.  I will be practicing tomorrow and Monday then flying east Tuesday to Friday for the Atlanta rounds and when I get back there is a two-day best ball tournament over the weekend.  Lots of good events coming up!

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